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For Beginners

The products on this page are shortlisted for new fencers. So what items are required to begin fencing training? You will need one of each: 

  • glove,
  • long socks,
  • electric weapon (epee, foil or sabre),
  • body wire,
  • mask,
  • fencing jacket,
  • fencing pants,
  • underplastron,
  • chest protector (a must for ladies),
  • men's protector (strongly advised),
  • electric jacket for foil or sabre (we call it "lame"),
  • blade cover / fencing bag,
  • fencing shoes (recommended).

*be careful when purchasing weapons, glove, fencing suit and underplastron as it can be left or right handed.

Remember to check local competition rules in your country when you start competing as there might be special equipment requirements in place. For example, to compete in local competitions in Singapore a fencer is required to have two weapons, two body wires, a minimum label of 350N for fencing jacket / pants / mask and a label of 800N for underplastron. Furthermore, U10 and U12 local events in Singapore require blades of size 3 or below.

We hope that this short guide can help you avoiding any mistakes when buying your own fencing equipment. Feel free to contact our friendly team if you have any further questions or require additional advice. Otherwise, it's time to shop!

WFS Complete Equipment Set for Epee $258.30 SGD $287.00 SGD
WFS Complete Equipment Set for Foil $328.50 SGD $365.00 SGD
WFS Glove "Classic" $18.00 SGD
WFS Glove "Extra" $21.00 SGD
WFS Glove "Neon" $20.00 SGD
WFS Epee Mask 350N $62.00 SGD
Uhlmann Epee Mask 350N $172.00 SGD
Allstar Epee Mask 350N $172.00 SGD
WFS Foil Mask 350N $68.00 SGD
Uhlmann Foil Mask 350N $188.00 SGD
Allstar Foil Mask 350N $188.00 SGD
WFS Sabre Mask 350N $88.00 SGD
Uhlmann Sabre Mask 350N $148.00 SGD
Allstar Sabre Mask 350N $148.00 SGD