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WFS Electric Sabre Glove Cuff

Code: 3126


This sabre glove cuff is made of electric lame material and is meant to be worn over any glove, including sabre glove, which has a faulty lame material. This model has a comfortable fit, and is easily worn and removed. The advantage of using this cuff is that there is no need to replace the whole glove if the lame material becomes faulty – simply replace the cuff. In addition, the glove can be washed when the cuff is removed to prevent damage to the cuff's lame material. This cuff model is not meant for washing.

In order to choose the correct size for your sabre glove cuff, measure the circumference of your wrist joint, circumference four-five fingers away from your elbow joint on the inner side towards the wrist and the length between these two circumferences. All measurements should be done in cm. Please take the measurements while wearing your jacket, sabre lame and glove. If you do not own any jacket, sabre lame or glove, then then give some allowance in your measurements.  

Please click here for the sizing chart:

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