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Uhlmann FIE Coaching Mask, Leather Padding

Code: 8302


This 1600N mask is great for any fencing coach for daily training and lessons. It provides maximum protection, and is of premium quality and ensures best fit and comfort recognized worldwide. Its outer leather padding serves as a protection for the fencing coach when practicing hits to the mask.

From January 2018, Uhlmann masks are produced with the new fastening system according to the new FIE rules 2018. The mask must contain two different safety systems at the rear of the mask, with the two ends of the straps of the systems firmly affixed to the two sides of the mask. Only masks according to the new FIE demands are permitted at the Junior World Championships in Verona and the Senior World Championships in Wuxi. The new fastening systems will be obligatory for all FIE competitions from September 2018.

In order to choose the correct size for your mask, measure around the head / face starting underneath the chin, up one side of the head just through one ear, over the top of the head and down the other side just through the other ear, ending at the chin to make a complete circle. Measurement should be done in cm.

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