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Guanda Soft Layer for Women's Plastic Chest Protector

Code: 3513


This soft layer is supposed to be worn by foil fencers on top of plastic chest protector as per FIE rules from 1st April 2018 at FIE competitions. It can be easily fixed on your chest protector by velcro that comes together with this soft layer.

In order to choose the correct size for your chest protector, it is advisable to gauge by your jacket size:

  • XS: women's jacket size 36
  • S: women's jacket size 36, 38 or 40
  • M: women's jacket size 40, 42 or 44
  • L: women's jacket size 44, 46 or 48

However, you might want to choose a size smaller or bigger depending on your physique and personal comfort preference.