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Favero Scoring Box FULL-ARM-01/W



This scoring box is able to display hits for epee, foil and sabre fencing training bouts in conformity with FIE time regulations. It is a wall-mounted version, particularly recommended for fixed electrical systems in fencing clubs. It can be supplied with an optional terminal block for the direct connection of the weapons and of the power supply. The wall fixing is simple and immediate by means of 2 frontal screws.

The low energy-consuming lights are very bright, which makes them clearly visible. The lights are formed of groups of LEDs with a typical life of 100,000 hours, thus the usual lamps and replacement problems are eliminated. The sound volume is variable on two levels: high and low. The container made of shockproof plastic is resistant to the violent shocks of the weapons. The lights are protected in the similar manner. The membrane keyboard is sturdy, reliable (5 million contacts) and it is protected from damage caused by dirt and liquids. This scoring box is able to operate with lights repeaters by the means of 2 Data-line outlets. The dimensions and weight of this scoring box are 56 x 19 x 4 cm and 1.1 kg respectively.

Note that FULL-ARM-01/W does not include a power supply cable, therefore please be reminded to purchase Favero Power Supply Cable. It is also advisable to purchase Transport Case for Favero Scoring Box for greater convenience and to prevent damages to the scoring box during transportation and storage.

We are offering a 2 years warranty with a purchase of every FULL-ARM-01/W; the warranty applies upon the date of delivery.

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