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Favero Signalling Device MINI-03, Foil

Code: 7805


MINI-03 is an extremely small device (4 x 5 x 1.8cm) that has to be inserted directly into the foil socket. It signals acoustically and visually each time when the point of the weapon is pressed, not registering repetitive hits made while signalling the previous hit. Please note that It does not distinguish valid from invalid hits nor blocks signalling hits made on the guard. Point contact time complies with F.I.E. regulations and the signalling time is approximately 1 second. 

MINI-03 is very light (62g) yet made of a highly durable metallic material. This makes it more resistant to accidental hits. It is operated by a common 12V battery (type A23 or VR22); one 12V battery is included with a purchase of every MINI-03 device. The battery life is approximately 5,000 hits!

MINI-03 is ideal for training as there is no need for reels, reel cables, pistes, scoring boxes and other signalling equipment. It can also be used with a fencing target or during individual lessons with a coach in order to ensure successful fixation of every point. If used often, MINI-03 can help a fencer improve his or her fencing technique. 

Please note that the expected delivery time is 2-3 weeks.

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