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Favero Electronic Target

Code: 7808


This electronic target is used for fencing agility and accuracy training. Fencer is expected to hit five different sensors according to the programmed exercise as quickly as possible once the respective signals light up. Another signal is shown upon every successful hit. In addition, the individual time between these two signals is displayed upon every successful hit and the average time taken for the whole exercise is displayed at the end of the exercise. This target is an advance training device that allows different exercise settings and hit sequences. It comes together with a special wall mount for more secure positioning and a power supply cord. This target's dimensions and weight are 63 x 46 x 5 cm and 7.4 kg respectively. If the target cannot be attached to the wall or when used in temporary places for demonstrations or training, please purchase Favero Stand for Electronic Target.

When used often, this target can help a fencer to significantly improve his / her fencing technique. If you would like to find out more details about this electronic target, please feel free to contact us at

Please note that the expected delivery time is 2-3 weeks.