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Amico Scoring Box RS-014gl

Code: 7051


This scoring box is one of the smallest and lightest models in the world. It is able to display hits for epee, foil and sabre fencing training bouts in conformity with FIE time regulations.

The body of RS-014gl is made of a durable material, while the low energy-consuming lights are very bright, which makes them clearly visible from afar despite the device's small build. The built in LiPo accumulator is rechargeable, designed to work up to 8 consecutive hours. Recharging can be done via any USB - USB mini cord which connects at the rear of RS-014gl. It is also able to operate while charging.

This scoring box comes together with:

  • USB - USB mini cord,
  • an adjustable mounting clamp, and
  • a carrier bag. 

We are offering a 3 years warranty with a purchase of every RS-014gl; the warranty applies upon the date of delivery.

If you would like to find out more details about this scoring box, please feel free to contact us at info@worldfencingstyle.com

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