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AF Women's Jacket "Elite" 350N

Code: 2108


This fencing jacket is made of nylon with a second inner cotton layer. It is of a very good quality, complies with protection standards of 350N, breathable, has double layers with close knit. It is soft, comfortable and fully stretchy, which reduces any limitation on the fencer's movements This jacket is suitable for all competitions in Singapore.

In order to choose the correct size for your jacket, measure your height, chest and waist circumferences in cm. When taking your measurements, be sure to have your chest protector and underplastron on, in order to avoid any sizing mistakes. If you do not own any chest protector / underplastorn, then give some allowance in your measurements. When purchasing the item for children, it may also be advisable to order a bigger size as children tend to grow quickly. Kindly note that sizes US 32 and US 34 are unisex due to small fitting - please order them from AF Men's Jacket "Comfort" 350N.

Please click here for the sizing chart

US Size